Jun Ryeo

30 / he/him / 6’2

Position: Frontline
Likes: Being outdoors and helping others
Dislikes: Staying in one place for too long

 A soft spoken Knight trusted with the frontline of most missions. Favoured by the Bishop for his gentle and quiet nature and resented by some of his colleagues for the apparent favouritism. While Jun might be an amicable man, he has his own struggles with not only communication, but the secrets he keeps close to himself. Things are changing for Jun and he’s desperate to know why.

Iarfhlaith Davoren

25 / he/him / 5’4

Position: 15th standing Bishop
Likes: Jun and praise
Dislikes: Being alone

 The current standing Bishop of the sanctuary. Beloved by his people but the focus of his affection often wavers and sometimes rings hollow. While his charm and wit are powerful assets in his political position, he is hindered by his mysterious chronic illness that leaves him on bed rest for weeks at a time. Despite these disadvantages he still manages to keep the Sanctuary running, much to Alois’ chagrin.

Alois Doir

37 / he/him / 6’1

Position: Head Chairman of the Conclave
Likes: Order and when people listen to him
Dislikes: Giving up

 Head of the Conclave and the Bishop’s right hand man. He was once a candidate for the next Bishop himself but was denied due to his supposed lack of qualifications. Struggling daily with his frustration with his cohorts and the state of the Lunar Guard, Alois strives the hardest to bring about change for the Moonlit Sanctuary and its people. Though as devoted as he is, his efforts have yet to pay off. Aside from his professional endeavors, his weakness for the Iarfhlaith is no secret, making it all the more of a gleeful target for the Bishop’s teasing.

Guillermo De Léon

35 / he/him / 5’8

Position: Hunter/Scientist
Likes: Studying those around him and inventing gadgets.
Dislikes: Lack of funding

 A man of science and invention, Guillermo specialises in the study and hunting of monsters. Always looking for a new financier to sponsor his endeavours, he is willing to be hired by anyone to further his practice in the name of his study. His latest conquest is being hired by the Moonlit Sanctuary to provide his insight and intelligence for the Lunar Guard’s biggest mission yet. Aside from picking apart monsters, he also likes to pick at his peers and see what makes them tick.

Marceline Belizaire

29 / she/her / 5’6

Position: Frontline
Likes: Fashion and serving her own flavour of Justice.
Dislikes: Being talked down to.

 The most zealous and chaotic member of the Lunar Guard and the only one who needs very little if at all persuasion from the Sanctuary to pursue her missions. Often a thorn in her teammates' sides with her overly enthusiastic ambition, Marceline is a force to be reckoned with and a dangerous one at that. With her black and white thinking and fervent belief in the “food-chain” she branched out from a neighbouring militia to further her career and expand her horizons to feed her insatiable appetite for carnage.

Morrigan Kalinpää

34 / she/her / 5’11

Position: Captain
Likes: Sports and her niblings
Dislikes: Lack of comradery

 The team captain and most straightforward of the knights. Morrigan is a strong leader and while she’s known to be approachable and equipped with a good sense of humour, her temper can be quick when plans start derailing. Morrigan hails from a wealthy family that possesses strong ties to the governing capital and the Moonlit Sanctuary. Taking on her family’s tradition of the oldest enlisting under the Lunar Guard, she wears her status with pride and honour. Additionally outside of being a dutiful knight, she also has a soft spot for Hayat.

Hayat Yanti

25 / she/her / 5’8

Position: Scout/Support
Likes: Animals and taking time off
Dislikes: Violence

 Team scout for the knights who’s quick on her feet and with her mouth. Hayat’s family were refugees who were assimilated into the Sanctuary as acolytes. With the intention of bettering the life of their child, her parent’s pushed her to enlist under the City Guard albeit her squeamish nature that is a constant crux for her. Although since her promotion into the Lunar Guard, some question her hiring but she proves herself through her keen eye and effective agility. Morrigan and her share a close friendship and Hayat is determined to stick close to her.

Dakarai Kabelo

32 / they/them / 6ft

Position: Healer/Support
Likes: Reading medical journals and meditating
Dislikes: Diffusing conflict

 Dakarai is articulate and very dependable out in the field, often working in tandem with Morrigan for missions. Diplomacy being their strong suit, they find themself playing referee for the squad, and putting out fires on a regular basis. Jun’s closest friend and particularly protective of him, Dakarai has a tendency to fill in the blanks and communicate in lieu of Jun’s inability to do so, all for his best interest, so they claim. 

The Conclave

Edgar - 52 / he/him / 5’7

Darius - 70 / he/him / 5’11

Victoria - 57 / she/her / 5’9

Bolek - 65 / he/him / 6ft

 The council members who make up the governing head for the Moonlit Sanctuary in tandem with Alois and the Bishop. An old guard who has seen the many passings of Bishops and factions of the Lunar Guard, they quietly recede to the background to their own devices as their leaders struggle to keep the Sanctuary functioning. While their contributions are questionable at best, they’re comfortable to pull the strings behind the scenes.

The Moon

Glorious in its cold light, the people worship the Moon for all that it gives, lighting the pathways and confiding their misery. As beloved as it is though, it seems to punish those who sing its praises by disfiguring humans who walk bare beneath it and induce maladies of chronic melancholia. The moon has become as inhospitable as it has been charitable in the past.